Monday, May 23, 2016

The Quest [Part 1] - Latest 2016 Nigerian Nollywood Drama Movie (English...

An ancient folk tale of an evil priest who places a generational curse on an entire kingdom, comes to live when a group of young men go in search of a mysterious ring in an evil forest. While on their quest they are revealed to realities concerning an old kingdom. And as the truth begins to unravel, it will be at the cost of their safety. Jude Orhorha, Alex Anyalogu, Oghenekaro Itene. (2016)

War Room - Nigerian Movies 2016 Latest Full Movies | African Movies

A happily married couple suddenly started experiencing several miscarriages even the one the managed to born died mysteriously,What could be the cause?
Nigerian Movies 2016 Latest Full Movies Starring;Evelyn Essin,Kenneth Okonkwor,Frank Artus

Domestic Workers - Latest 2016 Nigerian Nollywood Drama Movie (English ...

Three ambitious domestic workers are sycophants in order to please their boss. When the children of the house owner return from the university.. The workers become even more servile volunteers in order to please her beautiful daughter. Francis Odega, Kingsley Ogbonna, Emmanuel Ayede.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Royal Guard - 2014 Latest Nigerian Nollywood Movie

Watch 2014 African Movies and Nigerian Nollywood Movie starring: Kenneth Okonkwo, Chacha Ekeh, Chinwetalu Agu SYNOPSIS: As the king of the land has no son to success him after his demise, the mantle automatically falls his son in-law but the King's brother has an evil plan up his sleeve

YORI YORI - Classic Nollywood Movie Comedy

Watch as Kentus with Mentus go through the fantasy and reality of any means of survival...Its the best of entertainment and comedy with John Okafor (Mr Ibu), Francis Odega, Charles Inojie and Others...Enjoy!

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